About Storm London Watches


In the early 1980’s, Steve Sun, the chief designer and co-founder of the brand together with his wife, were working in the retail fashion industry in London. He was very interested in fashion and style and had a passion for quality timepieces, but did not have funds to buy exactly what he liked.

Steve thought it was possible to make well-designed watches at affordable prices, and by the use of color and styling, making them a must have fashion accessory. His idea was to encourage the ownership of several watches, so that you could accessories your outfit.

In 1989 he sketched few designs. These designs were so unusual, that his preferred factories looked at his sketches and were not sure if it was possible for them make them.  This led to Steve’s first steps into manufacturing techniques, working with them to invent new production methods in order to produce the unusual designs. 

Meanwhile the team in the office had been asked to do some brainstorming to produce a list of  names for the watches, but none of them really appealed, so when he stepped on the plane to go to check the final samples, he took the list with him with the intention of picking one en route. Fate played its hand again the flight became very bumpy from turbulence and the seat belt signs were turned on. A few people panicked but when it calmed, the pilot apologized and said that they had just flown through a bad storm. "STORM" Steve thought that it would be a great name as it was a strong powerful word and a force of nature. So in 1989 this British brand started operating from London and that is when STORM LONDON began it's journey.